Read about our new handmade Norwegian clothes

It all started as a hobby, but now I offer wholesale with clothes that I have designed and made the sample my self got it produced and it is still ethically made. But still you can purchase handmade clothes designed just for you, or made by your measurements. I have now designed a very stylish and safe bottle for your baby, that is made of stainless steel, with no plastic  and of course bpa free.The same goes for bpa free pacifier that is made for your baby from birth until 2-3 years.And bpa free pacifier clips made of wood and silicon beads.So much new stuff coming now.Did you know that I used to sew baby nest, and bed bumpers  before, until I found out they could be harmfull for your child?I now only make knitted nest and bed snakes so no harmful strings, and air will be passing true everywhere.Safety is very important too me.

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