Hello My name is Line Biagio, the founder of the brand with the same name.

The journey started as a hobby by selling clothes I made. The positive response the customers gave me, and the need to find another job because of the family situation I was in where I needed to be home. My hobby became my business. Now I ship worldwide I have now sent to 25 countries, and new ones every week. I am so happy for the love and support you all bring to me, and my mission is to provide an excellent service to my customers and be there to answer your questions

I want to provide your whole family with really good quality clothes that can be custom made for a perfect fit.

I do not follow the normal seasons, because I make timeless pieces that are awesome now and in 2 years, so its an investment. I will not follow sales because I want my customers to know that they will not find my clothes or other stuff from my store on sale so you feel you have lost money.

I am expanding and have lots of ideas and lots of new things that will come in the near future so always stop by and take a look. We are always open.

I will always provide what is best for your child and design an alternative to what’s out there if I know it’s not good for your child.

We are constantly growing and learning so if you want to give us any tips or, join the team, work for us or be a partner, or you would love to sell my clothes, home items let me know we offer wholesale.

I wish you all the best and just so you know I love wrapping up your orders and writing you a personal card.

Love from Line Biagio